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Looking for adventure? This is the one for you. 1,5 km swimming in the crystal clear sea, 22 km of mountain biking on road, rocks, surface hard terrain and songle track parts and for the end 7km running trough centar of Pakostane and all beaches with spectacular view. Just decide will you do it by yourself, or on team of three for each part of the race.
Don' forget your helmet!!

008.jpg track-X-TRIATHLON.jpg venue-X-TRIATHLON.jpg

X-triathlon will be held in Pakoštane area with start, transition and finish inside Eco-resort Pine Beach in length of 1,5 km swimming, 22 km MTB cycling and 7 km running. Swimming start is from a shallow water and the track is triangular in length of 750 m (2 x 750m) marked with surface mark buoys. 

Same track as single race, but You will need one for swimming part, or for cycling and running adventure. Show the world that you are a team player and an adrenaline freak.